Making Your Luxury Bedroom While Sticking to a Budget

Your bedroom is a far more important area of your apartments in Houston than you might have ever realized. For getting maximum possible benefits of this space, you need to make it a soothing and calm retreat for you where you can be able to retire after a tiring day. The bedroom must be able to recharge your body and mind and must be favorable for good night’s sleep. We often skimp on the bedrooms robbing ourselves of that luxury and comfort we deserve. You can give a makeover to your bedroom like a luxury hotel and can still be within your budget. If you are ready to make your bedroom look like what you have always dreamt of, here are some tips for you.

First of all you need to focus on the wall color of your bedroom in apartments Houston. Regardless of the wildness of your style, some outrageous and bold colors should be saved for some other rooms of the home. Better go for muted and calm colors when it comes to your bedrooms, like sage greens, neutral shades of linen and the light blues. Giving a fresh paint coat to the bedroom in some soothing color can certainly keep things affordable while making a huge difference to the overall feel of the room.

The bed should be made to fit for some royalty. Make sure not to skimp when it’s about your bed. Go for the mattress that feels irresistibly comfortable. In case if your budget does not allow you to buy a new mattress, you can still be able to do several things for breathing new life in the mattress you own already. Consider to invest in memory foam. For getting a best possible value, you should not buy mattress pad at some department store. Quality pads can be found at the closeout stores. Same thing applies to the sheets as well as bedding for your Houston TX apartments.

Rid off any clutter in your bedroom to make it look cool. If you keep all the junk within your bedroom, it will degrade your bedroom’s overall style and will also be more of an interference with your relaxing possibilities in your room. Any junk should be stored in the decorative bins and baskets for keeping everything away from sight. Boxes that go under your bed can also be used for controlling all this clutter as well.

It is always good to add some aromatherapy in your luxury apartment bedroom for creating the ultra-relaxing environment. Reed diffusers can be placed around the room on dresser or nightstand. Calming scents should be used like chamomile, vanilla or lavender. Buy diffusers at the bargain stores to save money. Most of the fragrances that you may buy at the bargain stores smell equally lovely as the pricier ones.

Decorating Your Bedroom Like Spas and Hotels

Spa and hotel rooms accomplish lots even with the minimal space they have, including complete bedroom furniture, dressing area and seating inside the single and rectangular room, almost always. You can simply copy that romantic, restful mood that if usually engendered by the luxury spas and hotels into the bedroom of your apartments Houston just by unifying available space with the help of minimal color palette, limited accessories, and polished, gleaming surfaces. The bedroom can be made comfortable if you surround yourself with some soft and lush linens, upholstered surfaces and comforters.

You can make space look relaxing to the eye through dark and neutral color theme that features white accents and jewel tones. Ignore that famous color rule of 60:30:10 that is known for guaranteeing can’t-miss ratio when it comes to the main, complementary and the accent colors. Instead, you should use 80:20 ratio to have the soothing and uncomplicated spa and hotel like scheme.

Ceiling should be painted in the same color just like your bedroom’s walls for making your apartment feel more enclosed and intimate. Use semi-gloss paint for reflecting light and conveying luxury.

When it comes to the bedding of your bedrooms in rentals in Houston, you should better invest in brocade fabrics that go on the comforter. As for the sheets go for cotton with 400-thread count or just select silk. The bed should be made extra comfortable, and you can easily be able to do this by adding the pillow-top mattress.

The bed’s head should be covered with some pillows, shams, and European pillows. The finished look should be created by hiding the box springs using the bed skirt.

Curtains should be hung on ceiling-mounted curtain rods, doubling up at the rods for allowing for two curtains’ layers, like set featuring floor-length, heavy blackout drapes along with a layer of the sheers underneath.

When you have to decide on bedroom furniture for apartments, you should better invest in the upholstered, tufted and tall headboard, as well as footboard and it, should be attached to the frame of the bed. Dark colored antique trunk, dark-wood bench or vintage suitcases should be placed at your bed’s foot. The bed should also be flanked with dark wood, matching end tables as well.

Making a seating space with the help of an occasional chair and table or chaise alongside the bed is also a good idea. You should better buy pieces that incorporate same dark-colored wood that you have already used in different parts of your bedroom and make sure to favor upholstered, comfortable pieces. The television should be set atop your sideboard-style dark wood dresser.

As for the apartment bedroom lighting, several layers should be installed, like lavish overhead chandeliers, matching lamps atop your matching wall scones and end tables so that the bedroom can be rounded out. Dimmer switches must be installed for controlling lights to create desired mood.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom to Look Like Movie Theatre?

Watching movies often feels like you’ve spent 90 minutes or so in some other world. When the same movies are watched on big screen, the entire experience is turned into a complete fantasy. If you always love spending time, your bedroom in a theme of a movie theater would be something you’d love to spend time while being in bed. Outfitting your room in the style of theater can be a source of creating that fantasy that can easily be dreamed about by some movie buff. So, what you should do for making your apartment bedroom design look that way.

Walls are often like a blank canvas where you can recreate your favorite vibe of the movie theater in different ways. Choose some neutral color to go on walls, or some dark shade in case if you don’t want to notice the walls. Add some scones in theater style that emit enough amount of ambient light allowing you to know where your walls are. The walls of your apartments in Houston should be decorated by framing some movie posters and placing them on the walls. Alternately, you can select retro look by choosing your desired theme, like Japanese movies, comedies or B-movies featuring some films that you have always loved.

For getting a realistic effect of a theater, double carpet your floors just like you find in concession areas and lobbies of theaters. A red-carpet runner can be added along the path to your bed to make your room look like the red-carpet premiere. Small-sized stick-on puck lights should be added near the floor as well as on sides of furnishings or walls, making the look of lights that are there along the aisle seats of a theater.

Set rows of vintage style seats in movie theater along your room’s wall, back wall perhaps if you have dedicated opposite wall for movie viewing and placed your flat screen there. Contemporary home theatre seating should be used if you love to have comfort in this wonderful ambiance inside your bedroom of apartments Houston. Place an LED tea-light or some light that is operated through battery inside white popcorn tub for providing themed lighting to create the desired ambiance on top of a desk or a table. Cup holder can be added to a side of your nightstand or some other furniture piece close by where you can be able to watch movies as functional homage for drink placement

Some older film projector can be placed on the table to point at the screen or TV on the opposite wall, giving a view that it’s still being used. Pull-down screen can be attached to ceiling for creating the viewing environment in case if there is a functioning projector, vintage or modern.

So, you have finally accomplished the desired look and are all set to enjoy your movie theater bedroom.

Decorating Your Master Bedroom In Luxurious Hotel Suite Style

You felt indulgent and pampered when staying at some luxurious hotel suite during your vacations or business trip. It is one of the most wonderful ways of relaxing as well as recuperating from your meetings or simply traipsing through the tourist attractions. When you think of incorporating that luxurious feel of the hotel suite right within your Houston apartments master bedroom, it can be a perfect way of creating the respite from the daily stresses. If the master bedroom of your apartment is decorated in the style of some luxurious hotel suite, it becomes your retreat that allows you to restore your body and mind and rejuvenate in your very own space.

First of all, you should paint the room in some luxurious and restful color. You can incorporate various shades of the white color as well as neutral tones because it will make the bedroom feel restful. Pewter, Platinum or the muted gold are the tones that offer soothing feeling inside the bedroom of your apartments Houston.

The bedding, pillows, and linens should be chosen while keeping the aspect of luxury in your mind. Lush fabrics, like satin, silky textures, and Egyptian cotton, will allow you to feel pampered inside your lovely suite. It is advisable to bring some fabrics that have the metallic look or the ones having a sheen, like polished cotton. Buy comfortable pillows to go on your bed as well as the armchairs or some other sitting spaces that may be present.

Chaise lounge, comfortable armchair, window seat with padding, or a recliner can all be incorporated in some corner of the bedroom. A small-sized, round table can be covered with some luxurious fabric and can be placed beside your sitting area. You should also add the good-looking tea or coffee service out of the silver or any favorite China of yours. This should be made a place where you may be able to read, reflect and may only enjoy some tea when feeling stressed or in evening hours.

Crystal carafe filled with ice water should place on the bedside table in your luxurious apartment bedroom. A crystal or porcelain bowl containing your favorite chocolates or mints should be kept on the bedside table too.

Make some window treatments with the help of heavy or brocade silk drapery in order to make sure that sunlight is blocked effectively whenever you are looking to take a nap or just hibernate otherwise, leaving this hectic world behind you.

Any favorite scented creams and hand lotions of yours should be placed on the nightstand or vanity. This will make sure that these things are readily available to you whenever needed.

With these simple tips, you can be able to decorate your apartment’s master bedroom to give you a feeling of luxurious hotel stay which you always dream of.