Habit Trackers: Turn Them Towards Your Favor Everytime

Sick of staying up too late at night? Eyes glued to your tiny device? Munching on food that is definitely not good for you – feeling stuck and uninspired with these habits that bring you down like a weight. And it’s not even your fault, no matter how many times you have tried, these pesky habits seem to have eroded your life, taking a stand even when you try so hard to get rid of them. 

Life would be a lot easier if good habits were just as easy to sustain as bad ones. Still, since it isn’t automatically comprehended as simple, it is up to us to trick our brains into thinking we absolutely LOVE waking up early and eating fruits rather than the simple and easy options available to us.

Habit trackers or, as we also say, goal tracker. An easy and obvious way to measure, quantify, and track your progress in different ways, with each little measurement providing feedback to better your growth. If one approach doesn’t deliver the desired effect, then you can always adjust and tweak your habits and the process.

Having a daily reminder always helps, a nudge every few hours pushing us in the correct direction, but habit formation is a long race. It takes time for the desired results to show – perhaps you’ve been running every day for a month but still can’t see any changes in your body – or you missed a day or a reminder, and you lose the discipline and the need to stick to your regimen. 

With modern devices come modern solutions in our modern age. Downloading a habit tracker app has become one of the easiest ways to track and maintain your progress. We all spend quite a few hours on our mobile phones, which is why using it in our favor makes the most sense. Recent research has also shown that people who used an app to track their habits successfully built new ones.

Habit tracking can be as simple as ticking a box, with timely reminders and personalized statistics to view and monitor your progress; using a habits app makes the whole process easier. 

With numerous benefits, habit tracking encourages you to perform a certain habit or a daily task repeatedly. Daily reminders lead to an automatic practice, which increases automaticity. The more you practice the behavior, the easier it becomes to continue a habit without planning or thinking. 

“Tracking our habits encourages us to self-reflect on a deeper level,” says Sarvenaz Sepehri, Psy.D., a licensed clinical psychologist. Improve your state of mind and mental health, and encourage mindfulness with healthy habit tracking. 

According to a study done by the British Journal of Psychology, linking your behavior to a daily routine reminder or a specific time tends to stick more and show more positive improvements in habit formation. Checking your daily activities on a healthy habits app has proven to be useful, increasing motivation and showing continual improvements toward your goal. 

Take care of your mind, body, and future by maintaining and tracking your good habits; it’s never too late to start!